OPCORE operates retail, wholesale and hyper wholesale data 
centers in Europe.

At OPCORE, our mission is to power your success by providing cutting-edge data center solutions. From colocation, build-to-suit, single tenant, network on-ramp, edge node up to campus node, we operate state-of-the-art facilities across Europe. We bring unrivalled expertise and reliability to the table, and give you easy access to 859+ networks around the world. Join the ranks of the world’s leading companies who already trust OPCORE, and unlock your business’ true potential.

Highly reliable
Unique connectivity

 50+ MW

Combined power across our 8 best in class data centers facilities in Paris, Lyon, Marseille.

 44 million+

end users

For CDNs to deliver traffic as reliably, quickly and cost-effectively as possible.


minutes uptime

Combined uptime across our four colocation datacenters in Paris. 100% SLA by contract and in practice.

 23+ years 


Proven technical expertise and operational excellence. 

We provide you with world-class facilities and services. 

our datacenter experts

For enterprises

Whether you need high-density, HPC, A.I., next-gen DCIM, physical security, Remote Hands or compliant infrastructures, we provide outstanding services for your computing.

For hyperscalers

Pioneers in the French hyperscale market, our experienced team uses agile design blueprints, best-in-breed technology and phased construction techniques so you can scale up and out massively and rapidly.

For edge & CDN

Colocate your content and you will improve end-user experience thanks to an exclusive direct connection to 44 million+ European eyeballs.





Our facilities are designed to continuously enhance the reliability and security of our customers' servers in a highly efficient environment.


The network and low-latency colocation location

DC2 is home to hundreds of businesses including financial services, international carriers, managed services providers, hybrid and private cloud providers, healthcare companies and enterprises.

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The favorite data center of cloud giants

DC3 combines hyperscale edge capacity with a massive interconnection hub. This facility is strategically located in the south of Paris, less than 0.5 miles from a 225kV grid substation.

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The most secure data center in France

DC4 is located 26 meters under Paris city center. This former nuclear fallout shelter has been transformed into an advanced and ultra-secure data center.

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The ideal hyperscale location for rapid growth

DC5 is the perfect match for time-to-revenue focused players. Beyond initial commitments, clients are able to grow at a pace of 2MW every six months, and up to 8.1MW per floor at a time.

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We are 


by 100% renewable 


Our sites are designed and built to deliver excellent energy efficiency. They offer a low carbon footprint with our guaranteed clean energy source. We embrace both disruptive and state-of-the-art technologies that reduce our environmental impact.

Certifications and 


OPCORE Datacenter’s certifications and standards demonstrate the quality of our design, operations, processes, customer excellence and energy efficiency. Quality and operational excellence is a strong marker of everything we do at OPCORE Datacenter. From design and energy management to advanced security, OPCORE takes industry certification seriously. We know that obtaining and maintaining certifications, as well as receiving peer recognition, is what makes our customers’ lives easier, and makes deploying infrastructure with us low-risk.


our datacenter experts